2020 Campaign Review

In order to help renew and rebuild for the future, we are launching a comprehensive External Review, overseen by an appointed Review Panel, and would very much like your thoughts on what went well, what didn’t, and how we can do better going into the future.

The review Terms of Reference are to examine the 2020 General Election, including:

  • Preparations throughout the three-year term by all elements of the Party, including candidate selection and Caucus performance.

  • The election campaign including the political environment, strategy, narrative and execution.

  • The strategic internal, social and economic challenges and opportunities facing the National Party in the next term.

  • Improvement recommendations for the next three years and the 2023 campaign.

The Review Panel are asked to focus on areas that the Party has or could have control over and can effect positive change on. The panel has a wide mandate to seek inputs from individuals within and external to the Party as they feel appropriate and are also asked to explore any areas they deem important.

There will be many opportunities to contribute as the review progresses, but for now we would really appreciate your frank feedback on anything regarding the campaign, the term leading up to the Campaign and recommendations for next term and the 2023 campaign.

Final date for receipt of submissions is Monday 21 December 2020.


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