Continued falls in business confidence are beginning to spill over and directly impact hard-working New Zealanders’ opportunities to get a job, National’s Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams says.

“A net 39 per cent of businesses are pessimistic about the economic outlook for the year ahead – that’s worrying because we want these companies confident about investing for growth, hiring more staff and lifting wages,” Ms Adams says.

“The Government has introduced a range of anti-growth measures, from industrial relations reforms and hiking fuel taxes to shutting down oil and gas and lower investment in our State Highway network.

“These chickens are now coming home to roost, with firms’ hiring intentions now at the second lowest level since we came out of the Global Finance Crisis. The only time it was lower was in November immediately after the Ardern-Peters Government took office.

“Despite talking a lot about good intentions, this Government’s policies are squandering our economic opportunities – actually making it harder for people to get a job or get a raise.

“The Government often points to business’ outlook for their own activity, but here the story is equally worrying. Only a net 9 per cent of businesses have a positive view, compared to over 40 per cent under National before the election.

“The Government needs to stop taking pot-shots at our businesses and making it harder for them to grow. It is only by having a strong economy that we can grow wages and create opportunities for all New Zealanders.”

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