Business Investment Accelerator Scheme


National understands the key to growing the economy is to encourage business investment. We want New Zealand businesses to succeed. We want to get New Zealand working again.

To help, we would temporarily lift the threshold to expense new capital investment for firms. It has been stuck at the very low level of $500 for many years. The Government lifted the threshold to $5000 as part of its Covid response. National would go much further and lift it to $150,000 for two years.

This is equivalent to the size of the Instant Asset Write-Off in Australia, and would incentivise and reward businesses who are willing to invest.

Example: if a company spends $145,000 on a new machine to improve its productivity, rather than depreciating that asset over many years, it will be able to expense the full $145,000 in this tax year.

You can read our policy Factsheet and Q&A here