Bus Rapid Transit from Onehunga to the Auckland CBD


National will build bus rapid transit from Onehunga to the CBD.

The critical route between the City Centre and Onehunga has been subject to competing approaches from central Government over the past two terms of Parliament.

In particular, the current Labour Government abandoned plans for a rapid bus solution down the route in favour of a light rail option. This option has been in a planning phase for the past three years and ended on 24 June 2020 with no resolution.

The route still requires the delivery of public transport infrastructure but has been neglected for the past three years despite plans being in place in 2017 to begin the delivery of a bus-based option that was projected to support patronage to 2046.

National’s Commitments

National will deliver bus rapid transit to Onehunga. This will adapt the advanced bus solution designed in 2017.

The route will run from the Britomart precinct along Queen Street to Dominion Road, with a dedicated bus lane down Dominion Road.


Travel time: the project cuts the peak hour journey time between the CBD and Onehunga.

This is a cost effective option that can be implemented quickly.

The mixed use zoning along Dominion Road has strong potential for intensification and growth with better transport connections.

Provides easy access for tens of thousands of people in the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) catchment area to the jobs in the CBD.


The cost is estimated at $1.2 billion, which is very conservative given the 2017 study indicated a cost of $1.2 billion for the whole route from the CBD to the airport.

Timing and sequencing

National will begin rolling out Onehunga BRT from 2023.

You can find a copy of the Factsheet here