Budget 2020 lacks a coherent plan

Today’s Budget doesn’t have the plan we need to get New Zealand working again, Opposition Leader Simon Bridges says.

Kiwis have sacrificed so much through the restrictions of the lockdown, our collective efforts have so far worked well, now we need to get our economy cranking again.

With a thousand people a day joining the dole queue we needed a proper plan. Spending money is the easy part. But investing billions where it will make the most difference was what we needed.

Today we are seeing an extra $140 billion of debt. That’s $80,000 per household and it’s our children and grandchildren who will be paying for it. That’s equivalent to a second mortgage on every house.

We will have $100 billion in deficits for the next four years.

The Government will spend more than $50 billion, more than any Government has ever spent in any one Budget.

It needed to be spent in a responsible and disciplined way. What this Budget lacks is any detail and accountability of how it will be spent and what it will achieve.

National has a plan to get New Zealand working again and we have a strong team to implement that plan.

The problem with debt is that it needs to be paid back and the problem with Labour is they’ll increase your taxes to do that.”