Ilam MP Gerry Brownlee has today thanked Sir Maarten Wevers for his service to the Earthquake Commission (EQC) following his resignation.

“Sir Maarten Wevers chaired one of the biggest insurance company responses to any natural disaster anywhere in the world," Mr Brownlee says.

"New Zealand had not experienced an event that had caused such widespread destruction, and Sir Maarten was pivotal to the EQC’s remarkable response to the challenges posed.

"Prior to the Canterbury Earthquakes the EQC had 22 employees, at its peak time after the earthquakes the commission employed 1800 staff.

"While Sir Maarten was chair, the EQC handled about 470,000 lodged claims. The 2600 outstanding claims represent 0.6 per cent of that total number.

"Many of the claims that are outstanding are remedial claims, others will be disputed scopes of work, but the EQC is still open to claimants concerns.

"It is disappointing that the Minister responsible for the EQC does not have confidence in the team that has delivered such exceptional results thus far.

"It is important to note that insurance policy costs in New Zealand have not risen to post-quake predictions thanks, in large part, to the work of Sir Maarten and the EQC.

"Thank you Sir Maarten, for your service to the EQC, and also to the people of Canterbury.”

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