Bring back Armed Response Teams

National is calling on the Government to take serious action to give better support to frontline Police Officers who are facing a significantly increased violence, emboldened gangs, and rising gun crime, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“The Police Commission and the Minister of Police have both rightly expressed concern about the violence being perpetrated by criminals against Police in recent days, however neither have offered any practical solutions to address this violence.

“National is calling on the Government to re-introduce Armed Response Teams to address the rise in gun violence, in particular, against frontline police officers.

“Armed Response Teams gave frontline Police Officers more support and more confidence when dealing with armed offenders and meant they knew there was specialist back up for acute situations.

“The Government and the Police Commissioner caved to campaigns from left wing pressure groups, leaving frontline officers without that additional back up and protection.

“With increased gang tensions and violence across New Zealand, it is time for the Government to swallow their pride, do the right thing and give our Police the support they need.

“National do not accept that further inaction from the Government is okay. It is time for them to step up and do something to enable Police to address the increased violence in our communities.”