The border controls the Government claims to have in place are just another example of all talk and no delivery, National’s Health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“Australia has placed a travel ban on Italy. The situation around the world is evolving and the Government needs to be acting decisively and ensuring our border control is in line with our trans-tasman neighbours.

“New Zealanders need reassurance that the border controls in place are as effective as the Government says. This means applying a travel ban from Italy and South Korea.

“The Prime Minister claimed that the measures in place at New Zealand’s border are ‘some of the toughest in the world’ but the real and potential coronavirus cases that are passing through Auckland Airport puts that claim in serious doubt.

“New Zealand’s first confirmed coronavirus case was able to arrive back from Iran and leave Auckland Airport looking seriously ill, with no one stopping her or asking about her symptoms. Another probable case was able to walk out of Auckland Airport so ill she went straight into hospital on the same day, despite notifying border officials of her condition.

“There’s also a constant stream of stories both in the press and relayed to me privately about New Zealanders arriving from countries such as Italy and wandering through Auckland Airport without being spoken to.

“New Zealand can’t afford third rate delivery on border restrictions in the face of coronavirus. Every confirmed or probable case that walks through Auckland Airport is a risk to the public health of Kiwis and an indictment of this Labour/NZ First/Greens Government’s ability to keep us safe.”

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