A Member’s Bill has been lodged by National MP Parmjeet Parmar to better support New Zealand innovators by providing intellectual property rights to advancements that may not qualify as an invention for the standard patent.

“Protecting ideas and advancements helps New Zealand innovators and businesses to stay competitive and stand out on the international stage,” Ms Parmar says.

“My Patents (Advancement Patents) Amendment Bill will introduce a more accessible and cost-effective second-tier patent system that will protect novel creations that don’t qualify for the standard patent.

“Providing an innovator monopoly over the use of their creation through a second-tier patent system will provide an opportunity for them to further advance the creation with reduced risk.

“It will also provide them with the ability to commercialize the creation, just as the standard patent system would, without the fear of it being copied. This will enable them to contribute substantially to research and development and to the economy.

“My bill will help ensure that New Zealanders continue to benefit from their creativity and innovation with a system that better supports the development of new and forward-thinking ideas.”

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