Bidois Bulletin - May 2024

It is officially budget month where Finance Minister Nicola Willis will unveil the Coalition’s annual spending priorities on Thursday May 30th.

Tax relief is finally coming. And since the economic discussion about tax relief in mainstream media has been less than robust, I thought I would bust some common myths that are out there about why we shouldn’t deliver tax relief to working Kiwis.

Myth 1: We cannot afford it

The amount of tax revenue the government brought in over Labour’s time in office rose by over 50 percent! Yet, material outcomes in education, health, crime, justice, housing, and social services all went backwards.

This circa $42 billion in extra tax revenue hasn’t made any material difference in outcomes. So yes, we can afford to give some of this back to hard working taxpayers.

Myth 2: All tax relief is inflationary

Tax relief can be inflationary if it is funded by debt or when it is not matched by proportionate declines in government spending.

Thankfully, the Coalition government’s priority since being formed has been to rein in government spending to produce immediate savings and savings over the medium term.

These savings will help fund our tax relief and boost investment in key front-line services. We have already found $7.5 billion in savings through our mini-budget and an extra $1.5 billion annually through savings across government agencies.

Myth 3: Voters will understand us not delivering tax relief

Some have suggested to me that they would rather see the extra funds go into front line services than receive tax relief. “Voters will understand” is a phrase often used.

While some of you may be in this category, right now, there are a lot of Kiwis struggling to pay for the basics. A tax relief boost will go far in helping our communities see through this tough time.

Indeed, I met many locals on the campaign trail earning modest wages who were struggling to provide for their families. Thankfully, the Coalition government is keeping National’s promise from the campaign and tax relief is on its way.



Community Update

  • In memory of beloved local Principal Paul McKinley, students from Glenfield College are following his tradition in this year’s Relay for Life competition. Help this cause to fight cancer in special memory of Paul McKinley here:

  • An early morning search warrant resulted in five members of the newly formed Head-hunters Wairau Valley gang pad being arrested last week. This is a great result for our local area and should give you reassurance that police are cracking down on gangs to keep our communities safe.

  • The Commissioner for Crown Lands recently ruled that our local marae, Awataha, needs to be more open and welcoming of other members of the community who wish to get involved in its governance. This is a huge win for our community. I would encourage anyone interested in getting more involved with Awataha to get in touch with me directly.

  • There has been a new application to rezone 13 Cresta and 96 Beach Haven Road from Residential single house zone to Mixed Housing zone. Called plan change 99, this request is more modest in height and proposed number of dwellings. Residents have an opportunity to put in a submission by 17 May. More information here:

Northcote National Updates

Movie Night: The Mountain

Please join us for this special fundraiser showing! We've added a lower ticket price for children aged under 16 in support of a fun family night out. It is a school night, but the run-time is 89 minutes so we'll have you home by 9pm! Less costs, tickets are a donation to the Northcote National Party.

  • Date: Thu 23 May 2024
  • Location: Bridgeway Cinema, Northcote Point
  • Arrival Time: 6:30pm
  • Movie Time: Approx. 7:00pm
  • Adults: $35 per ticket (movie + drink or snack)
  • Children: $15 per ticket (movie + ice-cream or popcorn)


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