A new plan to improve outcomes for disabled Pasifika people is being welcomed by Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner.

Faiva Ora, which means Work for Life, is a five-year improvement plan developed by the Ministry of Health.

“Pasifika people are not accessing disability support services as much as expected. Faiva Ora considers why that is and what can be done about it,” Ms Wagner says.

“Since 2010, we’ve made significant progress on issues such as the delivery of advice, providing information in Pasifika languages, and Pasifika responsiveness training and guidelines for disability service providers.

“Faiva Ora 2016-2021 builds on feedback from disabled Pasifika people and their families, research done in 2015, and past experience to help further improve the quality and uptake of services.

“Faiva Ora encourages all interested parties to work together to solve the challenges experienced by Pasifika disabled people and their families.”

Last week, Ms Wagner announced a three month co-design process for the nationwide transformation of the disability support system.

“This change, based on the Enabling Good Lives vision and principles, is about ensuring all disabled people and their families have greater control over their lives as well as the support they receive from government.”

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