Belfast to Pegasus


The next National Government will build the Belfast to Pegasus Motorway, including the Woodend Bypass. National campaigned in 2017 on constructing the motorway as a logical extension of the transformational Western Belfast Bypass and Northern Corridor motorways that the last National Government delivered.

Sadly, Labour cancelled the project when in Government and NZTA have told residents it is not a high priority. Cantabrians deserve better and National will make sure this road is built.

Northern Christchurch is experiencing strong growth and the Belfast to Pegasus motorway is a critical project to support that growth, reduce travel times, and improve safety. It will also help drive jobs and growth in north Canterbury, and help our economy recover from Covid-19.

Belfast to Pegasus Motorway

  • The starting point of the new motorway will be Belfast, where it joins with the Western Belfast Bypass and the Northern Corridor motorways. It will go through to Pegasus, bypassing Woodend.
  • It is expected the road will follow the current alignment of State Highway 1 north to Pineacres and then follow the eastern Woodend bypass route preferred by NZTA
  • NZTA will be asked to determine options for the alignment through the business case process, which will also finalise the cost of the road.
  • The new motorway will be a continuous four-lane state highway (two lanes each way) with separation from traffic in the other direction, grade-separated intersections, wide lanes and large, sealed shoulders on the road, safe roadsides, and high-standard landscaping.

Background information

  • Daily vehicle movements through the Woodend area have increased 20 per cent over the past three years, and this year is expected to reach 20,000 vehicle movements a day.
  • A recent report by the Automobile Association deemed SH1 through Woodend, north of Christchurch, as the most dangerous road in the region.