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National is backing Auckland to continue succeeding by investing billions of dollars in the modern infrastructure needed to support its future growth.

Our results so far for Auckland:

  • Nearly 66,000 jobs created over the past three years.
  • $9.2 billion invested into transport in and around the city.
  • 10-year high for residential construction in Auckland.
  • $406 million invested in the city’s main hospitals.
  • $1.36 billion invested into new schools and classrooms.

Next steps:

  • Finalise the business plan this year for the $2.5 billion City Rail Link with Auckland Council and formalise our funding commitment from 2020. This would allow works to start in 2018 – at least two years earlier than currently envisaged.
  • Fast-track and build the up to $1.85 billion East-West Connection Project, to connect the Southern and South-Western motorways – so construction can start as early as 2018.
  • Complete the Western Ring Route – a 48km alternative route around Auckland – by 2019.
  • Open the Waterview Connection tunnels early next year – a $1.4 billion project.
  • Build two new primary schools and 230 news classrooms at schools across the city over the next year.
  • Invest $189 million in major redevelopments at Auckland’s main hospitals, including upgrading Auckland Hospital’s emergency department, cancer services facility, and renal services.