Backing New Zealand’s racing industry

National is proud of New Zealand’s history of excellence in the racing history and will ensure the industry isn’t put out to pasture, Leader of the National Party Judith Collins and National’s racing spokesperson Ian McKelvie say.

You can read our Racing Policy Factsheet here.

“Our racing industry employs more than 15,000 people directly and supports many more jobs indirectly. Racing contributes in excess of $1.6 billion a year to our economy and will be an important part of rebuilding our economy,” Ms Collins says.

“We’re lucky to have a legacy of strong racing communities and modern infrastructure, we want to encourage Kiwis to get out and support their local racing club and stimulate their local economy.”

National will:

  • Partner with TAB, NZ On Air and the racing sector to explore options to promote New Zealand racing and breeding and recommence Trackside Radio.

  • Repeal the RMA and replace it with legislation that enables better utilisation of existing racing assets, while supporting the industry to upgrade our racing infrastructure.

  • Encourage the development of modern, fit-for-purpose racing facilities that provide the scale and services to support a profitable industry with improved stakes.

  • Support the industry to establish centres of racing excellence, with a focus on education and training, to create a clearer pathway for the next generation of racing leaders to enter the industry.

  • Include the racing and breeding industries in our proposed Primary Sector Visa, to enable fast-tracked access to international skills, networks and racing knowledge.

  • Implement the Racing Industry Act and ensure appropriate appointments are made to the Boards of TAB NZ and Racing NZ who will drive the industry forward.

  • Conduct a serious review of the tax and depreciation rules for bloodstock and make adjustments where we find they are acting as a barrier to investment.

  • Remove the inconsistencies between the regulation of racing and other forms of gaming.

  • Ensure there is opportunity for a series of racing events to feature as part of our planned New Zealand Tourism Festival, to get Kiwis back to the races.

 “There’s no reason why New Zealand’s racing industry can’t compete internationally and be recognised as world class,” Mr McKelvie says.

“We have the best breeders, the best trainers, the best strappers, the best jockeys and the best supporters in the world. We want to ensure they’re operating in an industry that can set them up for success on the world stage.

“A National Government will ensure an environment where there are less barriers to success and more economic stimulation for New Zealand’s proud racing industry. A vote for National is a safe bet for the future of New Zealand racing.”

You can read our Racing Policy Factsheet here.