Axe the App Tax

Labour’s new tax will make your Uber, Airbnb, and food delivery more expensive in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

Labour plans to introduce a new tax on digital platforms to charge GST on their services, despite these services already complying with the same tax rules as everyone else. This is simply another tax grab from Labour to fuel their wasteful spending.

Someone that uses a ride sharing app twice a week could be paying hundreds of dollars extra a year, and a $400 weekend away booked through a digital provider could be $60 more expensive.

After the Ute Tax, the KiwiSaver Tax, the Jobs Tax, and now the App Tax, it has become clear: if you use it, Labour will eventually try to tax it. They just can’t help themselves.

Sign our petition to tell Labour that Kiwis don’t want another tax. And if Labour won’t listen, we will: National will reverse this tax if elected.

Will you sign?