New Zealanders will today be looking across the ditch where low and middle-income Australians are about to receive just over a thousand dollars a year in tax relief, National’s Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Australia’s Government made relief for hardworking taxpayers its first priority after the election. The legislation will pass through the Senate today. Our Government’s first priority was cancelling our tax relief package.

“We have strong terms of trade and high international commodity prices. The Government can’t keep blaming New Zealand’s declining growth on ‘international headwinds’.

“The only exports this Government is directly increasing through its policies are New Zealanders to Australia. New Zealanders are over-taxed and underwhelmed by this Government.

“The Prime Minister and her Finance Minister frequently describe Australia as experiencing lower growth than us, yet it can deliver tax relief to hardworking taxpayers and we can’t.

“The previous National Government legislated for tax relief of $1060 for the average worker but this Government cancelled it.

“A National Government would link income tax brackets to inflation as a priority, ensuring income taxes are adjusted every three years in line with the cost of living and allowing New Zealanders to keep more of what they earn.”

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