Auckland’s education funk hurting students

Ongoing uncertainty about schools reopening in Auckland has put much of the education system there into a funk, with students missing out, says National’s education spokesperson Paul Goldsmith.

“It seems the reopening of senior schools is actually optional, with many secondary schools choosing to carry on operating largely online, rather than seizing the chance to welcome all senior students back to class to revise before upcoming exams.

“This inexplicable lack of enthusiasm to re-engage directly with students, and importantly letting them re-engage with each other, reflects the malaise hanging over the much of the city.

“It flows directly from the lack of urgency shown by the Government to get kids back to class after months at home.

“Labour seems to have largely written off the rest of the school year.

“Rather than resignation and drift, we need leadership and direction from the Government.

“With high levels of community vaccination, there’s no reason why we should reopen all schools immediately, and no reason why the Education Minister shouldn’t give students, parents and teachers the message that for years 1-10 there’ll be a good month of schooling before we break for summer.”