Aucklanders to be squeezed by $1,000 per year light rail tax

The Government is trying to help fund their expensive light rail project by imposing a $1,000 per year tax on properties along their proposed light rail corridor, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“The proposal, contained within the Government’s light rail indicative business case, is to tax properties along the proposed light rail corridor and smacks of a Government desperately trying to find ways to fund its incredibly expensive pet project.

“This targeted tax is on top of the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax Labour has already implemented and will impose additional costs on working families who are already struggling with increased cost of living, increased petrol costs, and increased rents - all to pay for a vanity project that doesn’t stack up in the first place.

“If National is elected in 2023, we will stop Labour’s light rail pet project and get on with building an additional harbour crossing, finishing the Eastern Busway and building infrastructure that benefits all Aucklanders.”