Aucklanders in more danger under Labour

New Police statistics show the Auckland CBD is becoming more dangerous, with a sharp rise in serious assaults and gang violence – while the Government fails to keep up with the challenges frontline Police face, says National Party Police spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“Serious assaults have more than doubled across New Zealand since Labour came to office in 2017 an increase from 10,660 serious assaults to over 22,000. Gang numbers are up more than 50% an increase from 5,343 in October 2017 to 8,061 in June 2021.

“The Government is failing to respond to this increase in violence and crime, leaving our streets less safe. 

“Not only has the Government failed to deliver on its promise of 1800 more Police but numbers have actually been falling since March this year, with the six-month closure of the Police College having a big impact on frontline numbers. 

“The Government is also refusing to bring back Armed Response Teams, with the Police Minister saying that the ‘communities she represent’ do not want them.

“But what about frontline Police who are being assaulted more frequently, and who are facing escalating firearms violence? 

“Enough is enough. National will not stand back while crime continues to rise. 

“We will bring back Armed Response Teams. We will complete the 1800 new police programme with urgency. We will introduce Firearm Prohibition Order legislation to give Police new tools to crack down on gangs with illegal firearms. 

“National’s priority is the safety of all new Zealanders, no matter where they live.”

Serious assault statistics can be found here.

Gang numbers can be found in answers to Written Parliamentary Questions (WPQs): WPQ 27691 (2021), WPQ 1615 (2021)