Aucklanders deserve a fuel tax refund

Labour has once again announced a future announcement, this time for light rail, after wasting almost four years on the project, National’s Transport spokesperson Michael Woodhouse.

“Transport Minister Michael Wood today says the Government is having a ‘fresh start’ on light rail. After spending three years and $15 million on a business case, Labour has announced another business case. The project is looking more and more stale.

“Today’s announcement was ridiculous. After four years there is still no business case. No funding. No route. No idea of who will build the project or how they will build the project. No consents. No engagement. Nothing.

“Light rail represents everything that is wrong with this Government. Big on talk but useless on delivery.

“Minister Wood’s attempts to blame NZ First conveniently ignore history. NZ First supported all of the decisions up to the point Labour tried to confirm NZ Infra as the preferred delivery partner, something Labour is now also against.

“The Government has wasted millions of dollars and four years while Aucklanders have been taxed an extra 10 cents at the petrol pump to pay for the project.

“The Regional Fuel Tax was the Prime Minister’s way to ‘crowd-source for light rail’ but Aucklanders have had nothing in return.

“Labour’s obsession with light rail shows how misguided it is when it comes to Auckland’s needs.

“What Aucklanders desperately need in investment in a second harbour crossing but the Government can’t see this.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s first major promise as Labour Leader was light rail for Aucklanders within four years. She was clearly being ‘too definitive’ at the time.”