Auckland Transport should listen to the views of Aucklanders and reject blanket speed limit reductions on hundreds of kilometres of Auckland roads at its board meeting tomorrow, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“Auckland Transport (AT) will tomorrow make a decision on its draft bylaw to lower speed limits on 800km of roads in Auckland, including 30km per hour limits on major arterials like Nelson Street, Hobson Street and Fanshawe Street.

“National understands AT will make the decision to lower speed limits – but it’s not too late to change its mind.

“There is strong opposition to the proposal, 3317 submissions expressed general opposition compared with just 2503 in support of the proposals. In relation to specific roads, 2063 expressed opposition and just 1562 expressed support.

“National takes road safety seriously and speed limit reductions on some roads make sense, but blanket reductions like this bylaw will only frustrate motorists and slow Auckland down. Compliance will depend on public support, which doesn’t exist, so the proposals have the potential to be counterproductive.

“It’s important we tackle the road toll. Buried in the papers is the admission that ‘in 2018, following a deliberate increase in enforcement and heightened awareness of speed management as well as targeted engineering interventions, deaths and serious injuries (DSI) dropped by 22 per cent’.

“The papers also show that AT has dramatically increased investment in safety interventions such as the rural delineation programme, red light cameras, delivery of improvements to high risk intersections, education programmes to targeted groups, and pedestrian crossing upgrades.

“Aucklanders don’t want to be slowed down even further. AT should focus on programmes with proven results, rather than try and ram through speed limit changes not supported by the public. AT needs to listen to Aucklanders.”

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