Auckland Rail Network - Additional Rail Projects


National will investigate a new rail line from Southdown to Avondale

The Avondale to Southdown rail line has been proposed since 1946, and designations on the route have been in place for several decades. The primary benefit of the line would be to route freight heading to/from Northland and the industrial hub of Southdown/Penrose/Westfield away from Newmarket. Instead, freight could go direct to the Western/North Auckland line.

National will commence investigation into the line during the 2020s, and look to build from 2030 onwards.

National will electrify the rail line to Pōkeno in Waikato

Electrification of the rail line to Pukekohe is currently funded as part of the NZ Upgrade programme. This will allow electrified commuter services from Pukekohe on the southern line. Currently, commuters from Pukekohe have to take a diesel “shuttle” train to Papakura, before changing trains to get on an electrified train.

The corridor between Auckland and Hamilton is currently experiencing very strong population growth. Pōkeno’s population is just over 2,000, but it is expected to grow to reach 12,000 people by 2045.


National will continue electrification of the line to Pōkeno, allowing commuters uninterrupted travel to Auckland.

The estimated cost is $300 million, based on the amount budgeted for electrification to Pukekohe funded as part of the NZ Upgrade package.

National will extend commuter rail to Huapai via a diesel shuttle to Swanson or Henderson

The Kumeu/Huapai area of Auckland is fast-growing but currently poorly served by public transport. The Northwest Rapid Transit corridor will assist but will not be complete until the end of the decade. Rail to the west does exist and will be revolutionised through the CRL. However, the rail line currently stops at Swanson even though stations exist at Waitakere and Huapai.

National will fund a diesel shuttle service from Huapai to Swanson, similar to the diesel shuttle that currently exists from Pukekohe to Swanson. This will allow commuters in Kumeu/Huapai to connect to the electrified service from Swanson.

In time, National will look to electrify the line further west.

You can find a copy of the Factsheet here