Auckland cycle bridge – cancelled, or not?

The Government needs to explain why it has held onto $12 million worth of property acquisitions in Northcote six months after the Auckland cycle bridge was supposedly cancelled last year, says National’s Transport Spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“Aucklanders will be scratching their heads as to whether or not the $785 million cycle bridge is truly cancelled, with NZTA still holding onto $12 million of property in Northcote.

“NZTA is not currently offering the properties back to Northcote residents because the Government has asked them to have another look at a cycle option on the existing harbour bridge.  

“Northcote residents are being left in the lurch. They are wondering why properties are still needed for a cancelled cycle bridge and I am wondering the same thing.

“Labour has already wasted $50 million on this project, yet they want to spend more money on investigating options while Northcote residents remain in limbo. 

“Today it has also been revealed the Government is planning to spend $1 million on barriers on the bridge in preparation for walking and cycling events which are due to start later this year.  

“The Government needs to back up its words with actions, stop wasting money on this pet project and sell the Northcote properties.”