Auckland border stretching police resources to the limit

With the Government considering keeping the Auckland border in place over summer, it must consider the significant impact the this will place on police resources in Auckland and throughout New Zealand, says National’s spokesperson for Police Simeon Brown

“There are more than 300 police officers dedicated to working the Auckland Regional Border checkpoints, meaning more than over 300 frontline police are not on the streets fighting and preventing crime.

“There are 160 police officers from Auckland police districts dedicated to working the border, with an additional 343 brought in from other police districts to help with the tedious task of enforcing it.

“Bringing in officers from other police districts brings with it significant cost.

“The suggestion that Police may have to stop every car seeking to leave Auckland or visit Auckland over summer to check vaccination certificates and Covid tests will be an absolute nightmare, and will mean significant Police resource  continue to be placed at the border instead of focusing on important policing priorities over the busy summer period.

“The Government should give heed to the Police Association President Chris Cahill, who summed the idea up as ‘a theory waiting to turn into a shambles’.

“With summer fast approaching, we need our police officers on the frontlines keeping New Zealanders safe – not tied up at the Auckland border”.

You can find the answer to a Written Parliament Question (WPQ) below

Portfolio: Police (Hon Poto Williams)
Question: How many police officers, if any, have been redeployed from their home police district to assist with the Auckland COVID-19 Border, and what impacts did the redeployment these police officers have on their home police districts, if any?

I am advised by Police that, as at 11 October 2021, 343 Police staff have been deployed from outside Tāmaki Makaurau at Auckland Alert Level boundaries. Specific decisions to manage impacts on these staff and other Districts are an operational matter for Police.

Portfolio: Police (Hon Poto Williams)
Question: As of 1 September 2021 how many police officers, if any, in Counties Manukau, Waitemata, and Auckland City will be working at the Auckland regional border checkpoints?

Reply: I am advised there were 97 officers from Counties Manukau District and 63 officers from Auckland City District assigned to Operation Romeo (managing the boundary checkpoints) on 1 September 2021.