A vibrant Arts, Culture & Heritage sector

National celebrates New Zealand’s vibrant and dynamic Arts, Culture and Heritage sector.

Through a range of important platforms, the sector enables our stories and talent to be shared with audiences both at home and around the world.

You can read our Arts, Culture & Heritage Policy Factsheet here.

We believe showcasing New Zealand’s history is vital, and that current generations should be given the opportunity to recognise the contribution made by previous generations of New Zealanders to our shared heritage.

National values the contribution our theatres, art galleries, museums, public sculptures and heritage buildings all play in weaving together the fabric of our communities, and enhancing the character and identity of our country.

Collectively, the creative industries make a significant contribution to our communities and economy. They support the tourism and hospitality sectors, and are an important contributor to the revitalisation of our city centres. National backs the creative sector to grow as it adds vibrancy to our communities.

National will:

  • Remember New Zealand’s shared history and culture through events such as Treaty of Waitangi commemorations, protection of Taonga Tūturu, and Māori and Pasifika visual and performing arts.

  • Ensure the legal and regulatory framework our creative industries operate under is fit for-purpose, fosters growth, and supports access to international markets.

  • Increase the reach of Te Papa and other mobile exhibitions to provide more opportunities to access our cultural heritage outside of the major urban centres.

  • Develop a nationwide, sector-specific strategy to enhance the creative industries and promote New Zealand to the world.

  • Pilot a Creative Accelerator programme designed to assist young people to identify creative careers opportunities.

You can read our Arts, Culture & Heritage Policy Factsheet here.