New Zealanders have learned the true cost of Winston Peters making Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister today, with the Government writing Peters a billion dollar cheque at the same time as claiming it doesn’t have enough money to meet its excessive promises.

“The Ardern-Peters Government has its priorities badly wrong.

“Just weeks after the Prime Minister broke her promise of universal cheap GP visits claiming the Government didn’t have enough money, she’s written Winston a massive cheque to invest offshore and to open new embassies and hire more diplomats.

“What matters more to New Zealanders – more diplomats or more doctors?

“What’s more it proves that their claims of underfunding crises in health and education are just ludicrous.

“So far the Government has claimed it doesn’t have more money for child poverty and claimed its going to take years to make up for years of underfunding in social services.

“New Zealand has always played an important role internationally, and a leading role in the Pacific, and we must continue to do so.

“But the needs of New Zealanders must always be put first. Unfortunately this policy is about the needs of Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters over the rest.”

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