The Government is proving again that it is all talk and little substance in regional New Zealand with its announcements in Northland today, National’s Transport Spokesman Jami-Lee Ross and Regional Development Spokesman Paul Goldsmith say.

“It’s unbelievable after several months that the best they can do for Transport in Northland is announce they are spending money on more business cases for road and rail,” Mr Ross says.

“How about getting on and building something decent like the four-laning of State Highway One between Auckland and Whangarei that they are so lukewarm about.

“Or they could commit to further upgrading the twin coast discovery route.

“A few million dollars from Shane Jones does nothing to make up for the billion dollar four lane highway that Phil Twyford has cancelled.

“Twyford is doing considerable damage by cancelling roading projects across the country, all so he can afford $6 billion worth of trams in Auckland.”

“The Provincial Growth Fund announcements are all worthy projects in themselves but they don’t come anywhere near making up for the anti-growth policies that this Government is pursuing,” Mr Goldsmith says.

“To really make progress in Northland they should be continuing to make investments in roading and be open to foreign investment to drive economic growth and job creation.

“The more appropriate name for it is the provincial compensation fund.

“As the Prime Minister almost said, the policies of the previous Government have already got unemployment in the region nearly halved down to 5.6 per cent.

“I suppose the Ministers are making themselves feel good but they’re doing nothing to actually drive long-term growth in the region.”

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