Transport Minister Phil Twyford confirmed today that the Government has no intention of keeping Jacinda Ardern’s campaign promise to build light rail from Wynyard Quarter to Mt Roskill within four years, National’s Transport spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“Talk is cheap, delivery is much harder.

“Time and time again we’ve seen this Government set targets it has no hope of delivering. As yet we don’t have any time table for the light rail project, expected to be completed within four years of taking office.

“National’s plan would have adapted existing routes and existing modes of transport, resulting in less disruption and more delivery.

“We were securing the public transport route for a rapid bus network that could have been adapted to other modes of transport as demand and technology progressed, and we were continuing to invest in major arterial routes such as Mill Road and the East-West Link.

“We know the New Zealand First members of the coalition are sceptical of the light rail proposal. Frankly, we share that scepticism.

“We await the release of any business case for the light rail project, and are yet to be convinced this very expensive proposal is the best use of scarce transport resources.

“It is important for the public’s confidence in politicians that they keep their promises.”

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