Another day, another shooting – enough is enough

Yesterday an innocent family was caught in the crossfire of firearms violence and today someone has been shot and killed – enough is enough, says National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown.

“Aucklanders are rightly terrified by escalating firearms violence on their streets and want the Government to take urgent action to introduce the Firearms Prohibition Order legislation they promised back in May.

“National’s Firearms Prohibition Orders will allow Police to conduct warrantless search powers on those who have a FPO against their name, and take firearms out of the hands of gang members. The legislation will also make it illegal for a gang member to obtain a valid firearms licence.

“Instead of working with National, Police Minister Poto Williams promised in May it would introduce legislation similar to my member’s bill. But the Government has done nothing.

“Now people are being terrorised and killed.

“The Government still hasn’t delivered any legislation to give police new powers to place FPOs against dangerous gang members. With two shootings in as many days, it cannot delay this legislation anymore.

“National’s Firearms Prohibition Orders Bill was ready to go but the Government shot it down simply to play politics. The safety of New Zealanders continues to be jeopardised.

“Each day the Government delays on this issue, New Zealanders are put at risk. Now is the time for action, but there’s nothing coming from a Labour Government that is soft and weak on crime.”