Anne Tolley has today announced she will stand for National in 2020 as a list MP and won’t be seeking re-election as the MP for East Coast.

“I have every confidence National will return to Government next term. If we have the privilege to Govern, I will be putting myself forward to be Speaker of the House,” Mrs Tolley says.

“The role of Speaker would require full-time attention, given that, it wouldn’t be fair to continue to be an electorate MP.

“It has been a privilege to be the Member of Parliament for East Coast for the past 14 years. I worked hard to win the seat and I’ve loved every minute of representing such a diverse, hard-working, beautiful area. I have no doubt National will find a strong candidate to take my place, and that person will have my full support.   

“While no formal decisions have been made about the role of Speaker should National win Government, I know my experience as Deputy Speaker this term will stand me in good stead.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me over the past 18-years in Parliament, and I will continue to represent and advocate for them while I am still the MP for East Coast. I thank the National Party Board for allowing me to go on the list.”

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