National is lifting family incomes and delivering more for Kiwi families. It’s only possible thanks to an economy kept strong under our consistent economic plan.

We’ve focused on investing in the areas where we can make the most positive differences for families whether it’s in rolling out free doctor’s visits for under 13s, supporting our young people to succeed in school, ensuring parents know how well their kids are doing or helping more Kiwis break the cycle of welfare dependence through getting back to work.

Last year, we become the first government in 40 years to lift benefits in real terms, seeing fewer families facing hardship and lifting more children out of poverty.

As part of Budget 2017, we continued our drive toward lifting the incomes of lower and middle income earners with our Family Incomes Package. From April next year, changes to tax thresholds will see approximately 1.3m working families increase their incomes by an average of $26 per week, with more for people on lower incomes and with high housing costs. Superannuitants will get $13 more per week per couple, in addition to their normal annual increase.

At the core of our economic approach is in enabling more Kiwi families to spend more of their own money and empowering them to make the decisions best for them.


New Zealand’s economy is performing strongly – growing for 24 of the last 25 quarters with that strong growth forecast set to continue – and creating thousands of permanent new jobs every month in construction, the trades, in software firms and on our farms. This is great for families and young people starting out.

This picture of steady and envious economic performance is a testament to New Zealanders’ hard work. With unemployment at its lowest level since the Global Financial Crisis, 200,000 jobs created in the last two years alone, an average wage that’s grown at twice the rate of Australia’s, and nearly 60,000 fewer people on benefits than in 2010, this hard work is really paying off.

National is determined to sustain this strong economic performance and continue seeing Kiwis get ahead under their own steam.

A re-elected National Government will continue implementing an economic plan that’s delivering more jobs, growing wages and lower cost-of-living increases.


New Zealand’s strong economy and growing government revenues are a result of National’s consistent economic plan. This means we can afford to invest in the critical infrastructure needed to support our growing country and keep New Zealand moving forward.

We are unashamedly NZ’s infrastructure government – investing 32.5 billion over the next five years. But what does that mean for you?

It means more projects like the Waterview Tunnel in Auckland which are reducing travel time for Auckland commuters. It means hundreds of new classrooms for Kiwi kids, new and upgraded hospitals to provide better hospital and healthcare and it means connecting communities to the world through ultra-fast broadband.

A re-elected National Government will keep investing in the vital infrastructure that’s unlocking New Zealand’s potential.


National’s strong economic management means we’re able to invest more in vital services like health.

National has made record investments in health, culminating with the biggest ever increase in the last 11 years as part of Budget 2017. Our total investment now sits at almost $16.8 billion.

We’re delivering free doctor’s visit for under 13s, free before school health checks for 4-yeard-olds and immunisations for babies. We’re giving more money to District Health Boards to provide better local hospital and healthcare and to perform more elective surgeries. We’re buying more life-saving drugs, rolling out more bowel-screening, funding more mental health and ambulance services, and we’re giving 55,000 care and support workers a much-needed pay increase.

Delivering better quality healthcare to you and your family remains our of our priorities.


National is working hard to get more houses built because we want to see more Kiwis in their own homes.

Our $1 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund, reforms to the RMA and ongoing drive to free up land is seeing construction booming across the country.

We now have all of the key housing data trending in the right direction. House build rates are at the highest level in a decade and 100,000 homes are in the pipeline over the next three years.

We’ve also helped around 14,500 first home buyers into home ownership with our KiwiSaver HomeStart initiative.

Our strong economy is making it possible for us to deliver more opportunities for home ownership and these figures show our plan is working.

The opposition says it supports housing but has opposed all the reforms and developments we need to grow supply. A re-elected National Government will continue to support and drive to support more Kiwis into homes.


We understand our environment is what makes New Zealand so world-renowned.

National is investing more than any previous government to lock in the benefits of our environment for future generations.

We’ve got a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of our waterways, combat climate change and eradicate introduced pests to protect our native species

Environmental issues are some of the most complex we face, but we’re delivering an approach based on evidence and backed up by strong investment.

We’re tightening up rules to keep stock out of our rivers and lakes, investing in the uptake of electric vehicles, and making progress on New Zealand’s most ambitious conservation programme ever – Predator Free 2050.

Our environment is the envy of people from all over the world and preserving it is vital to our economy and our ecosystem.

A re-elected National Government is committed to bringing our natural world to a standard not seen for 50 years and our strong economic management will enable us to do that.

Law and order

National is proud to be the law and order party, committed to keeping New Zealanders safe, supporting victims, and addressing the drivers of crime.

We all know someone who has been affected by crime in one way or another but thanks to our leadership, Kiwis are benefitting from reduced instances of crime. Since 2011, we’ve seen the crime rate drop almost 15 per cent, with youth crime down 32 per cent.

None of this means we’re going to become complacent. Earlier this year we announced our $503 million Safer Communities Package which will see 1125 more police staff employed over the next four years, an improved 111 response time, a new non-emergency number and burglary prevention as a priority.

Social investment

We’re a party that believes in using the tools we have to make real and positive change for future generations. By intervening in vulnerable Kiwis’ lives early, we have the opportunity to address issues that are likely to lead to negative outcomes later in life.

Our Social Investment focus is fundamentally about changing the lives of the most vulnerable New Zealanders by focusing on individuals and families, understanding their needs better and doing more of what we know is most likely to give the best results.

For too long, governments have opted to simply throw money at issues in the hopes they’ll work themselves out.

Budget 2017’s $321 million Social Investment Package includes initiatives involving mental health and behavioural issues, long-term contraceptive access, chronic homelessness, and reducing re-offending among at-risk offenders.

A re-elected National Government will continue prioritising the need for a strong evidence-based approach to supporting vulnerable New Zealanders into better lives.

Having a strong economy and a government that understands how to best target our taxpayer investment will give us a chance to make real and substantial change to some of our longest-standing social issues.

Primary industries

National believes rural communities and our primary industries are the backbone of New Zealand’s economy.

Despite facing challenges like earthquakes, flooding and droughts over the last few years, our farmers and growers have bounced back and are set to produce around $38 billion of exports this year.

Our primary sector employs over 350,000 people and accounts for a third of the world’s dairy trade. National is working hard to support diversification, innovation, and sustainability through initiatives like the Primary Growth Partnership and by working with farmers on solutions, instead of against them.

We’re a nation of four million feeding millions of people globally, and we do it more efficiently than anyone else in the world. That’s something all New Zealanders should be proud of.

We want to see our products on more shelves around the world, so we’re setting the ambitious goal to have 90 per cent of our goods exports covered by free trade agreements by 2030.

The Opposition thinks farming is a dirty word and would turn its back on our regional economies. National is the only party that has a strong track record of delivering for rural New Zealand. We are the only party that will continue to back you to succeed.


National believes every New Zealander should have the opportunity to get ahead. We want all Kiwis seizing opportunities, succeeding and leading New Zealand into the 2020s. We know that starts with a world-class education.

Our strong economic management means we have more to invest in education, and we have, with funding for education in Budget 2017 now at a record at $11.6 billion.

We know it’s one of the most important investments we can make. Our approach is seeing more young New Zealanders than ever before succeeding at school

While we’ve boosted funding for all schools and lifted achievement, we’ve also enabled more teachers to stay in the classroom and share their experience across schools. We’re providing more help for kids with special needs and more pre-school places.