Today, we announced that National will invest a further $72 million to help young New Zealanders on a government benefit move into work to ensure they can stand on their own two feet and reach their potential.

The majority of young Kiwis are doing incredibly well. They’re creating real opportunities for themselves and for New Zealand through hard work and a commitment to doing better.But some young people on a benefit need more support to get into work and to ensure they can stand on their own two feet – we’ll invest more to help them.

So what are we doing?

A National-led government will invest an extra $72 million over the next four years to support beneficiaries under 25 years of age in a number of ways.

We’ll guarantee work experience or training for those who have been on a jobseekers benefit for six months or longer. These will be specifically designed to get them ready for work.

We’ll also help them with financial management training to help them develop financial responsibility.

One in five beneficiaries tell us that drug use is a barrier to them getting a job. That’s why we’ll provide greater drug rehabilitation services for those that need it, to help them to kick drug use and get work ready.

Our approach will also ensure all young people under 25 who are on a job seekers benefit receive intensive one-on-one case management to help them get a job.

We want to invest early, and give young people individual support so they can develop the skills they need to move into the workforce.

This extra support also comes with obligations and personal responsibilities, so all beneficiaries take their own steps to move in to work and improve their lives.

Job seekers without children who refuse to participate in work experience or training or drug rehabilitation will lose 50 per cent of their benefit entitlement after four weeks of not meeting their obligations.

We know measures like this are effective in helping people into work, and once individuals decide to meet their obligations, full benefits will be reinstated.

A strong economy under National means more job opportunities and support for young Kiwis who need it the most. 

We’re investing in them and helping them to take greater control of their own lives.

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