A million fully vaccinated Aucklanders stuck at home

More than one million fully vaccinated Aucklanders are stuck at home because the Government has been unable to deliver a simple website, Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says.

“Since New Zealand got its hands on a proper supply of Covid vaccine in late August, Aucklanders have been quick to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated.

“Ninety per cent of Aucklanders have had one dose and three-quarters are fully vaccinated.

“National has called on the Government to allow fully vaccinated Aucklanders to work and play.

“Auckland’s lockdown is now clearly about supressing the virus rather than eliminating. In these conditions vaccinated Aucklanders pose little risk and should be able to work and play.

“Cafes, bars, gyms and countless other businesses should be able to welcome back fully vaccinated customers with little public health risk, just as has been done in countless cities overseas.

“The reality is, one million fully vaccinated Kiwis are stuck at home because the Government has been unable to deliver a website.

“The Government would be doing this right now but it can’t. Its failure to plan has seen a million fully vaccinated Aucklanders consigned to their homes and businesses unable to welcome back customers.

“I first asked the Prime Minister about vaccine passports in February. She told me her Ministers are working on it. Eight months on, they have failed to deliver.

“I look forward to hearing the Government’s new traffic light system tomorrow, but the whole system will be waiting on a basic website that isn’t delivered yet.”