The 100+ ‘wellbeing’ indicators released by Stats NZ today are not achievable and will not improve the wellbeing of New Zealand families, Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges says.

“These include far-reaching, immeasurable and deeply personal indicators such as spiritual health, sense of belonging, ability to be yourself, experienced wellbeing, hope for the future, locus of control and sense of purpose.

“It was easy for the Government to talk about ‘wellbeing’ when they first came into Government because the economy was growing, incomes were rising and there were 10,000 jobs being created every month.

“But the economy has started to weaken under their bad economic management. What will really improve the wellbeing of Kiwis is a strong economy and more money in their back pockets. Kiwis need access to a good education system, healthcare services and housing.

“In the past 12 months economic growth fell to just 2.3 per cent and economic growth per person has been flat for the past six months.

“As the economy slows ‘ability to be yourself’ and ‘locus of control’ won’t help pay the rent, buy the groceries or fill up the car.

“There are also major concerns with the Government entrusting Stats NZ to measure the immeasurable indicators. They’ve recently botched a Census, had to make significant upward revisions to GDP under National, produced volatile migration data and stopped counting how many Kiwis are leaving for Australia.

“The Government needs to stop distracting itself with unachievable wellbeing indicators and focus on what really matters for New Zealanders.”

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