You can’t live in one of Labour’s tricky press releases, National’s Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“The Labour Party spent years in Opposition whipping up a frenzy over a ‘housing crisis’ it claimed needed an immediate fix and that it had the magic bullet – its flagship Kiwibuild policy.

“Like the rest of his Government, Housing Minister Phil Twyford made huge promises he simply can’t fulfil.

"To look like he is doing something Mr Twyford is simply continuing National’s policies.

“The Auckland Housing Programme and the Crown Building Project were National initiatives aimed at increasing the supply of housing. Our housing policies were supporting the building of 30,000 homes a year - as part of the most significant residential boom in New Zealand’s history.

“I do welcome that fact that Mr Twyford is now a convert to the Tamaki Redevelopment model that he campaigned against in Opposition.

“My Twyford used to say in Opposition that you can’t live in an announcement. Instead of another photo opportunity at something that would have happened anyway, the Minister needs to get on with the job of reforming the RMA so more housing developments can get underway.”

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