Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says community-based midwives are set to receive their share of an $8 million pay increase.

“The Government believes in supporting families, and an important part of this is helping to ensure the 60,000 new babies born annually in New Zealand get the best start to life,” says Dr Coleman.

“Budget 2017 will increase community-based midwives’ pay by $8 million to further support maternity services and recognise the midwives' pay equity concerns.

“This funding boost equates to a six per cent fee increase for Lead Maternity Care (LMC) midwives and comes into effect on 1 July 2017.”

The pay increase follows mediation with the New Zealand College of Midwives following their pay equity claim. The claim has now been withdrawn.

The agreement also includes plans for the sector and the Ministry of Health working together to redesign the overall funding model.

This increase comes on top of successive pay increases for community-based midwives.

“In March, we announced a 2.5 per cent fee increase for care provided by community-based midwives throughout pregnancy and labour, as well as follow-up post-natal visits for up to six weeks.”

This $2.8 million pay rise was applied from 1 May 2017, and was back-dated to July 2016. It followed a 2 per cent increase implemented in 2016, which was also back-dated.

For community-based midwives, this fee is their only source of income to meet all costs associated with service provision, including travel costs.

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