Youth Minister Nikki Kaye today announced that in 2017/18, the Government will invest a total of $1.78 million into the Partnership Fund that supports youth development opportunities created in collaboration with business, philanthropic, iwi and other partners.

“In mid 2016, we committed seed funding of $1 million to this fund, which was set up as part of a new direction for the Ministry of Youth Development,” says Ms Kaye.

“Since then 26 partnerships have been formed, and with over $3 million contributed by our partners, we’ve created over 7000 new leadership, mentoring and volunteering opportunities for young people.

“These opportunities have been part of programmes with a sports, technology, environmental, rural and creative focus, as well as initiatives aimed at supporting young people with disabilities and developing future Maori leaders.

“The funding for 2017/18 will support even more partnerships, with a focus on providing opportunities for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Around $500,000 will be prioritised for youth enterprise partnerships, aimed at generating opportunities for young people to develop entrepreneurial skills.

“Young Kiwis are already out there developing new, exciting businesses, and this is about inspiring more young innovators to follow in their footsteps.

“Another $280,000 will be set aside for partnerships formed with city, district and regional councils.

“With their extensive local networks, councils are well placed to build youth development opportunities that enable young people to have a voice in local decision making and contribute to their communities.

“The Partnership Fund recognises that many organisations see the value in and want to support opportunities for our young people to grow their skills and confidence.

“The Board that oversees the fund has done a great job to date, having exceeded the original target we set of creating 6,000 new youth development opportunities in the first year.

“Over the coming year the aim is to create even more opportunities, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new partnerships that will be forged in the months ahead.”


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