National MP Chris Bishop is welcoming the news that 92 people obtained full compensation for donating live organs last year, under the first full year of the Compensation for Live Organ Donors Act being in force.

“It is fantastic that the implementation of my Member’s Bill, the Compensation for Live Organ Donors Act has seen a 500 per cent increase in organ donors receiving compensation from the year before.

“Since 5 December 2017, live organ donors in New Zealand have been able to claim compensation of 100 per cent of their loss of earnings while they recuperate from their surgery. Live organ donors are heroes, and now the law treats them so.

“Previously, live organ donors were only entitled to assistance through Work and Income, compensated at the same rate as the sickness benefit.

“In 2013 just 12 people obtained compensation through Work and Income for being a live organ donor, even though there were 61 live transplants.

“I’m delighted that in 2018, 92 people have obtained full compensation through the Ministry of Health thanks to the new Act.

“The new system is much better and much fairer. This law is making a big difference to people around New Zealand. Live organ donors are national heroes, who selflessly sacrifice a part of their body to help someone else.

“In time, I believe the increased compensation will help encourage more people to come forward to reduce our organ waiting list. The Act removes a big barrier that used to prevent people donating – the financial sacrifice from weeks off work while earning very little.”

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