500 per cent waste levy increase another tax on Kiwis

Today’s announcement that the Government is massively increasing the waste levy will hurt Kiwi’s back pockets, at a time when they need it least, National’s Environment spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“Increasing the levy rate is simply another tax that will hurt New Zealand households.

“In some parts of the country people are paying close to $200 per tonne at their landfill, this will increase that even more.

“This is going to make it too expensive for people to use their local tips, and instead they’ll realise it’s cheaper to dump it illegally.

“Fly-tipping is already a huge problem in New Zealand, and knee-jerk price hikes like this only make it worse.

“It’s typical of this clumsy Government to just hit the tax button instead of looking into sensible alternatives, like waste to energy schemes which are used in other countries.

“We are facing one of the biggest economic and jobs crisis in 30 years. New Zealand needs a National Government who can manage the economic crisis instead of piling more taxes on.”