New Zealanders have worked hard over the last 8 years; working to build a more confident and more robust country. 

This year’s budget is about delivering more of the public services, the infrastructure, the resilience, and the incomes that Kiwis need to get ahead and provide for their families.

 graph_icon.jpg  Investing in a Growing Economy  - $1 Billion 

We want to raise wages and create more jobs for hardworking Kiwis. In the last 5 years our economy has grown 14% and in the past 3 years we've created over 200,000 jobs. We have had real growth but we cannot take that for granted. The Government will continue to invest $1 billion over the next four years under the Business Growth Agenda to keep our economy growing.  

house.png Public Services for a Growing Country - $7 Billion 

Our biggest fiscal priority is to invest in the public services necessary for a growing country. New Zealanders deserve public services that they can rely and depend on. Investing in public services like Social Housing, Health, and Education will ensure that New Zealand is meeting the challenges of growth. 

hand-people.png Social Investment - $321 Million

We are focused on helping our most vulnerable people lead more successful lives. All Kiwis deserve the chance to succeed in life. With our investment, we are tackling the long-term challenges of vulnerable Kiwis head on. 

road.png Infrastructure for a growing economy - $4 Billion

We want to take New Zealand infrastructure to the next level. Over the next four years, we are investing 40% more in developing our infrastructure. Our unprecedented level of investment will transform New Zealand and benefit all Kiwis. 

family.png Family Incomes Package - $2 Billion

The point of having a strong economy is so New Zealand families can directly share the benefits of our growth. We are helping lower-income families with young children meet their living costs, and improve incomes for those with high housing costs. It is time that Kiwi families spend more of their own money and make the decisions that are best for them.