National is committed to housing in Auckland

New Zealand has a strong, growing economy. Incomes are rising, there are more jobs and interest rates are at an around 50-year low.

But this means that there is a large demand on our housing supply, especially in Auckland. National is committed to ensuring that every Kiwi has the ability to own their home. 

We are meeting this challenge head on, by building tens of thousands of new houses built in Auckland over the next decade. 

Over the next 10 years, National will build:

  • 13,500 newly built social houses
  • 20,600 new affordable and market homes

National is committing to building the equivalent of three and half new houses on every street across Auckland. 

National believes in creating opportunities for hardworking Kiwis to succeed. Let's keep working together for a New Zealand where all New Zealanders can flourish. 

Find out more about National's comprehensive housing plan here