As the country prepares to move into Alert Level 2, National’s MPs and candidates will be out talking to New Zealanders about our plans to get New Zealand working again, National’s Campaign Chair Paula Bennett says.

“Throughout the lockdown you wouldn’t have seen too much of our candidates. That was on purpose. It was not the time for politics.

“But we do have an election in just four months, and we want New Zealanders to know what we stand for and how we’ll get New Zealand working again.

“With a deep recession and budget deficits looming, 1000 people a day joining the dole queue, and Treasury projecting up to 300,000 new applications for the benefit this year, we need to turn our focus to National’s plan to save jobs and re-build our economy.

“National has the strongest and most capable team in New Zealand politics. We have the experience and track record to manage New Zealand through tough economic times.

“As well as our team that New Zealanders know and trust, we have amazing new talent coming through. We recently welcomed Napier businesswoman Katie Nimon, leading Wellington tax lawyer David Patterson, and virus expert Hamish Campbell to our already strong pool of local candidates.

National has a plan to:

  1. Keep opening up the economy safely, to get New Zealand working again
  2. Save jobs by getting cash to small businesses most in need and deliver an effective stimulus to a stalled economy
  3. Bring common-sense to the 2-metre world to keep us productive
  4. Unleash private sector investment to drive growth
  5. Invest in quality infrastructure so New Zealand succeeds in the post-Covid world  

“Kiwis have sacrificed so much in recent times, and they need a Government that will get New Zealand working again, and National is the only party that can deliver that.”

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