National’s petition to stop Labour’s car tax has reached 10,000 signatures in just over a week, National Party Leader Simon Bridges says.

“New Zealanders can see how unfair Labour’s car tax is, that’s why almost 50 people an hour are signing our petition to stop it.

“Labour’s car tax will increase the price of some of New Zealand’s most popular vehicles by up to $3000. If it is introduced alongside a proposed emissions tax on importers then it could hike the price of some vehicles by more than $6000.

“Electric vehicles can’t be used by everyone. This policy will hurt farmers, tradespeople and low-income earners. A Nissan Leaf is no good on the farm and too expensive for a low income family.

“Our petition is open until August 20, we’re continuing to call on Kiwis to make their voices heard by signing our petition and submitting on the car tax proposals by email or online survey before consultation closes on August 20.

“New Zealanders already can’t afford this Government. The cost of living is through the roof after Labour piled on more fuel taxes, a regional fuel tax and caused rents to go up $50 a week because of its poor policy making decisions. The last thing we need is for this sneaky tax grab to go ahead.”

National’s petition can be found here:

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